We are PIROS Animation, an all-around animation studio based in Budapest. Started as a collaboration with fellow students at MOME University in 2018 now an established studio in Budapest.

We create in different styles using different skill sets and techniques - and that’s what makes our unique voice and enables us to construct creative, complex and thoughtful animated projects from start to finish.

We highly appreciate artistic values in every project, not just our original films but in the advertisement industry also.

Our studio members are Hárshegyi Vivi, Hlavay Bence, Lazin Damján, Erhardt Domonkos and our producer Tóth-Justh Barni.

We’re proud to work with great like-minded clients like Ykra, Poket, Mome, Penta, Institut Francais, MNB and Sziget Festival.

And we frequently collaborate with amazing artists and professionals such as Halasi Bálint and Máté András, Nóvé Soma, Pham Van Quan, Sárdi Kata, Flóra Lazin, Lauren Cory, Hollós KataYorgos GoletsasHolp Nándor, Darabos Éva, Tóth Mátyás, Demeter-Tóth Judit Luca Kata Ábrányi, Borbás Máté Olivér, Rolfesz Tamás, Márk László, Karányi DánielKinga Klára Langer              




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