Commissioned work
Animated explainer made for the Hungarian news agency TELEX.  
With the help of fictitious twins, Eszter and Tamás, we look at how the chances of women and men differ in their lives and how this causes disadvantages for both genders. 

Directed by - PIROS
Producer - Tóth-Justh Barnabás
Art Director - Erhardt Domonkos, Lazin Damján
Animation and backgrounds -  Erhardt Domonkos, Lazin Damján, Lizom Dávid, Jáger Máté, Holp Nándor, Halasi Bálint, Hlavay Bence, Hollós Kata
Narration - Halász Júlia, Lengyel-Szabó Péter
Text -  Liptai Lívia, Patakfalvi Dóra
Editor -  Hanula Zsolt
Music -  Nové Soma



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